How to share uploads by yourself ?

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How to share uploads by yourself ?

Post by Emi-chan on Mon 12 Mar - 15:08

Hello guys !! Thanks for visiting and using this little forum ! o/
Our community grew to more than 200 members ! That's amazing !!

Of course I'll continue to share with you guys what I'm buying, but you can also do it if you want to share something with us ! ^o^
However, there's a format to respect to post something.

Please use this code !!

[center][img]PUT URL OF IMAGE HERE[/img][/center]
[center][size=18]>> [url=LINK OF YOUR UPLOAD]LINK[/url] <<[/size]

(post a message in this post to see it inside the spoiler)

[spoiler][hide]POST THE PASSWORD HERE !![/hide][/spoiler][/center]

Thank you very much !!

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